No matter what your specific area of legal concern, my broad range of experience means you can trust me to deliver a wealth of knowledgeable legal counsel. While the majority of my clients require assistance with real estate and litigation issues, extensive experience in virtually all aspects of Mexican Law enables me to provide clear, consistent advice no matter what your legal concern.  When you partner with me, you gain the confidence that comes from working with a seasoned legal guide. 

Specializing in the needs of the expat citizen living in Mexico, Americans, Canadian, foreign investors and snow birds looking for a fair and friendly legal partner. 

I take a no-nonsense approach to the Law in I do not use unnecessary or complicated legal jargon with clients, but provide concise legal advice that can be understood.  Every stage is taken at your own pace.  I have a wealth of experience because of the unique variety of my background.

Right next door to COSTCO in the offices of Quijano & Associates.

Member of the International Bar Association and ISO 9000 Certified in Translation.      

Internationally Certified in Translation and Federally Titled and Licensed in Mexico.